Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Re-Upped: 1-19-2016

TDE, Ultramag, and Wiz. How's that for an eclectic selection, huh? Each of these compilations were requested to be re-upped back in 2015. (I just found these requests in some of my Facebook messages from 2015 that I hadn't checked... Sorry!) Please use the comments section below to request re-ups. Please don't request new projects - just re-ups. There's a time and place for everything... (Psst... The time is 2016 and the place is Hip Hop Is Read!) Enjoy... And turn it up!!

Once again, I'd like to thank all the amazing HHIReaders who have contributed to the tip jar so far. It's truly humbling and appreciated! To those who haven't, yet have been following the site for years, if you're feeling generous, please consider a contribution to Hip Hop Is Read. It's not tax-deductible, but if my work receives a nice amount of financial support, I can promise I'll keep doing this for years to come... Thank you!

P.S. Contributions are NOT a prerequisite for re-up requests. Just thought I'd put that out there... ;P