Sunday, January 5, 2014

Step Brothers - Here to F**k S**t Up

Alchemist and Evidence's Step Brothers LP has been a long time coming. To prepare for (and promote) the album, I decided to do some digging and put together every(?) Alchemist/Evidence collaboration released to date. I didn't wanna have a bunch of Alchemist-produced tracks featuring Evidence (and not Alc) on vocals, because that'd be unbalanced. So instead I looked for every song in which the Step Brothers share the mic. I didn't realize how deep this duo's track record was! Here to F**k S**t Up clocks in at over 2 hours. All in all, I found 32 tracks (not including some skits I threw on for fun). Just another classic HHIR release. Make sure to pre-order Lord Steppington ASAP. (That velvet sleeve sounds niiiiiice © Stu Lantz.) Album drops on January 21st. Feels like this one might just be a classic. 'Til then, you've got Here to F**k S**t Up to hold you down. Enjoy... and turn it up!!