Friday, October 25, 2013

Sample Set #181: SlaughtaHouse


This one's for the brainiac dumb-dumbs! About a year ago, I tried this thing on the site called Samplify. I thought it'd take off, but as soon as I realized that Spotify had some severe limitations, I cancelled that b***h. Source Magazine-scanner-extraordinaire Vincent said this one was "too good to leave on Spotify." He was right. So here we are. SlaughtaHouse is an incredible album. (Pssst... Delicious Vinyl re-issued SlaughtaHouse last year with a bunch of bonus tracks. Grab that here!) Masta Ace & Co. flipped the gangsta rap sub-genre so brilliantly on this record. So of course, the James Brown, Parliament, Funkadelic, Ohio Players, and Zapp joints you'd expect are on here. But this set's also got some cool stuff you probably won't hear on any other sample set. A few highlights:

1) I'm a big film noir fan, so hearing a track off of Jerry Goldsmith's score from the 1974 film Chinatown sampled on this album - and being the first (FIRST!) on the InternetS to identify it - was thrilling to me. Spotting that sample was dope, but listening to that entire OST (or watching the film, for that matter)... Believe me, it's worth it. Grab it on wax if you can! 2) Earth, Wind & Fire's "Handwriting on the Wall". I don't fully understand the story behind this track. Apparently you can find it on some vinyl pressings of EWF's first album. Notice how I said "some." My copy doesn't have it. Weird. It's a damn shame that some people haven't heard this track because it's incredible. It sounds more like a Funkadelic song, if anything. Bottom line: Incredible. It's track #23 on this sample set. 3) Miles Davis' "Jeru". Miles' Birth of the Cool album is, simply, cool. Sooo cool. And to hear it on Masta Ace Incorporated's "The Mad Wunz", which is kinda/sort-of a gully reinterpretation of Tribe's "Jazz (We've Got)" makes it all the more cooler.

I could keep going, but why bother? Click the cover above(!) to be redirected to that magical website with downloadable sample sets galore, or, as I've been doing lately, check the Audiomack streamable player below. Enjoy, and as always... Turn it up!!