Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Tape Deck '13: Volume #30 (Breaking Bad Edition)

Breaking Bad's wrapping up in less than 24 hours. Over the past few days, I've spent some time reminiscing over the show and re-watching some of my favorite scenes. Walt blowing up that d-bag's Beamer. Tuco's office. "The chemistry must be respected." "Run." "Your boss is gonna need me." Gus Fring's demise. "Say my name." "Tread lightly." So many shootouts. So many tense standoffs. So many memorable lines delivered. So many brilliant moments in this series, which will arguably go down in history as the greatest TV drama of all time. But one of the oft-overlooked hallmarks of the show, I feel, is the impeccable and rigorously selected music which accompanies Vince Gilligan's brilliant storylines. Apparat's "Goodbye", for instance, with its heavy, powerful piano chords accompanying Gus Fring as he makes his final visit to Casa Tranquila, create a damn-near spellbinding environment. There's a handful of those moments from the show. To re-live those experiences, I put together this compilation of my favorite music from Breaking Bad. The tracks are sorted in chronological order as they are featured in the show. Take a trip down memory lane. And of course, have an A-1 day!

Till Death Do Us Part