Sunday, July 7, 2013

J. Cole - Born Sinner (GIF Album Review)

01. Villuminati
2. Kerney Sermon (Skit)
3. LAnd of the Snakes
4. Power Trip (feat. Miguel)
5. Mo Money (Interlude)
6. Trouble
7. Runaway
8. She Knows (feat. Amber Coffman)
9. Rich Niggaz
10. Where's Jermaine? (Skit)
11. Forbidden Fruit (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
12. Chaining Day
13. Ain't That Some Shit (Interlude)
14. Crooked Smile (feat. TLC)
15. Let Nas Down
16. Born Sinner (feat. James Fauntleroy)
17. Miss America (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
18. New York Times (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) (feat. 50 Cent & Bas)
19. Is She Gon Pop (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
20. Niggaz Know (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
21. Sparks Will Fly (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track) (feat. Jhené Aiko)
Nas - Let Nas Down (Remix)
I tried to think of a new album to review and Born Sinner came to mind...
I don't like having to be a jerk...
I'd much rather be polite like...
But then, you know, I've actually gotta LISTEN to the music and it's like...
When I heard the OutKast sample on "LAnd of the Snakes" I was like...
But then I heard the Tribe sample on "Forbidden Fruit" and I was like...
This experience has been a combination of...
...and ultimately...
Bottom line:
Which album should I GIF review next?