Friday, December 14, 2012

Billion Uploads Downloading Guide (Must-Read)

For my end of the year downloads (Best of Compilations, Tape Decks, Samples of the Year, Songs of the Year, etc.), I'm going with Billion Uploads as my file host. Billion Uploads lets me upload files as large as 2 GB. Zippy Share and Mediafire have a 200 MB limit. Also, Billion Uploads has fantastic premium account-quality download speeds and you don't even need to be registered. That being said, I felt it was necessary to put this little guide together because if you don't pay attention, Billion Uploads will try to get you to install their download manager software. I'm not even sure if it's buggy or anything, but I just wanted you to be aware.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow in order to download my .zip files quickly and safely:

1. Click download link (duh).

2. Click 'Download or Watch' button. Don't click the yellow and white download image!

3. Tick off the 'Download file easily With Billion Uploads download manager' option.

4. Click Download.

5. Enjoy fast download speeds and file uploads over 200 MB (up to 2 GB).

Got it? Good.