Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Jazz Jousters: Bandcamp's Best Kept Secret

When I'm not blowing my brains to bits (© Nas) with this new Freddie Gibbs mixtape/album, I've been sliding into some mellow autumn vibes with the help of The Jazz Jousters' incredible series on Bandcamp. In the past few months, they've dropped a total of nine EP-length projects, each interpreting original compositions from jazz legends like Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Grant Green and more. Having downloaded every one of their releases, I've enjoyed plugging all of their joints into my media player, hitting shuffle, and trying to figure out which artist they've sampled/toyed around with (without looking, of course). It's a fun challenge. Anyways, I highly recommend this series. Now would be a good time to get on the bandwagon since they dropped release #9, a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, while announcing the upcoming release of their final project in the series, set to drop on October 7th. You've got some catching up to do until then! Enjoy... and turn it up!!

More where that came from right here!