Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sample Set #175

"This style is identical to none..."

It's been a long time since I dropped a sample set. I shouldn't have left you. I'm sorry I kept you. As my blog brother over at Up North Trips reminds us, today is the 25th anniversary of Eric B. & Rakim's legendary debut album, Paid in Full. Perfect timing. I'll let him tell it:
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the album, and almost a quarter of a century later, the album's influence is undeniable. From movies [Paid in Full] to today's up-and-coming rappers [A$AP Rocky, (real name is Rakim) named after the God MC] there is no questioning the legacy that this album has left on our culture. Lyrically and from a production standpoint this album changed everything. From Ra's magical visual wordplay and machine gun cadence to Eric B's cuts, this was a special album whose sound quickly furthered Hip Hop's growing reputation. The release of this album, also placed Eric B.and Rakim in the spotlight on the fashion tip. The duo's fresh styles transformed the ordinary 'rapper look' of shell-toed-Adidas-sporting, all-black-leather-everything to a new style of backwards-Kangol-hat wearing, truck jewel-rockin' trendsetters. The album cover even featured (for the first time ever, possibly) the fresh and flashy styles of the young designer, Dapper Dan.
I also happen to be turning twenty-five real soon (next month; '87 'til infinity...), but we'll stick with one celebration at a time. Enjoy the sample set, and as always... turn it up!!