Sunday, March 4, 2012

Step It Up and Stop Playing

Soon after reaching 400,000 followers on Twitter, Bun B (a.k.a. @BunBTrillOG) unleashed this monster on the internets. This is the type of song I can imagine listening to while flipping through teams on NBA2K13. (Yeah, I was listening to it during today's Lakers/Heat game too). Word on the tweets is Bun B's getting ready to drop yet another entry to his Trill catalog. Frankly, I think Trill OG was the perfect bookend to the series, earning 5 Mics in The Source and all. Besides, who prefers a quadrilogy over a trilogy? But hey, if he can drop an album full of tracks like this, Bun can do whatever he likes. He can even name the album Trillmatic if he pleases.

What I really like about "Stop Playin'" is the roster: three grizzled veterans in the game who've seen it all and done it all and yet, for whatever reason, often fail to earn the respect they've long deserved. Hearing them go apesh*t with vigor and hunger over a energetic beat like this (produced by Mr. Inkredible) is just what the game needs right now. #TTD201214

Bun B - "Stop Playin'" (feat. Royce Da 5'9" & Redman)