Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm working on my Best of Quarter 1 mix. I need your opinion on how I proceed with putting out this compilation, and here's why: Mediafire, apparently the preferred file host, won't let me upload files greater than 200 MB. (I miss you, Filesonic!) There are three ways of working around this minor setback:

1) Keep the Q1 mix down to 30 or so tracks to stay below the 200 MB limit.
2) Use Rapidshare, which allows up to 500 MB.
3) Go over the 200 MB limit and upload the files as .RAR archives, meaning you'll need WinRAR to decompress the multiple parts. Kind of a pain in the a$$, in my opinion.

Lemme know what you preferring by mentioning 1, 2, or 3 in the comments section below... unless you've got an option I hadn't already considered. Also: Lemme know what some of your favorite tracks are from the past three months. I've got a pretty solid working list right now, but my memory's far from perfect. Thanks!