Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And the winner by unanimous decision, in four verses...

Nasir Jones! It wouldn't have taken much for Nas to lyrically outshine Nicki, Drake and Jeezy, and he knew it. But he brought a knife to the fist fight to murder the track anyways. I may be a Stan, but speaking as objectively as possible, I'm really pleased with Nas' focus and demeanor right about now. He's been bodying these recent feature tracks with the precision of a cold-blooded assassin. Indeed, life is good.

TUMBLR: Nicki Minaj - "Champion" (feat. Drake, Nas & Young Jeezy)
PREVIOUSLY: Rick Ross - "Triple Beam Dreams" (feat. Nas)

P.S. Since 2010, The Tape Deck has featured exactly 30 of DJ Smu's mighty Smu Mixes to date. Add this one to the collection.