Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Tribe Called Dilla

This project has been on the Hip Hop Is Read backburner since February 2008. That's just ridiculous. Since that time, Q-Tip released the much-acclaimed solo LP The Renaissance - also in 2008 - which included a Dilla-produced track ("Move"). You won't find that record on this mix, however. My intentions with A Tribe Called Dilla were to focus strictly on the signature sound style of the Ummah era, which spanned throughout the second half of the nineties. One might argue that Tribe's new production work, which was a clear break from their earlier aesthetic, may have led to the group's disbandment. In my review of Michael Rapaport's 2011 documentary Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, I noted an important point of criticism which was introduced in Werner von Wallenrod's review: the film's failure to include the narratives of J Dilla (then Jay Dee) and Consequence - and the two artists' inclusion with Tribe. That being said, one can only speculate - as many already have - as to whether or not Jay Dee's affiliation with the crew somehow led to A Tribe Called Quest's falling out. When you compare Tribe's first three albums with their latter two Jay Dee-assisted joints, I suppose it's easy to jump to conclusions. But I call bullsh*t on that. The music speaks for itself and the production on A Tribe Called Dilla, as I see/hear it, is amazing. Those drums! Those drums... Happy Dilla month! Enjoy my mix! And as always... Turn it up!!

A Tribe Called Quest - A Tribe Called Dilla by Boom Bap Beatnik on Mixcloud