Friday, February 17, 2012

Support Jay Smooth and the Underground Railroad

Independent radio needs financial support to stay up and running. If you value stations like WBAI - which you should - hear Jay Smooth out and give if/what you can:
We are fundraising again tonight on my radio show the Underground Railroad, to help keep the legendary community radio station WBAI alive and kicking. So if you can, please tune in from 10PM to Midnight EST at (or 99,5FM in the tri-state area) and call up 212-209-2950 to make a pledge, or go to and select "Underground Railroad" to make a pledge online! It was slow last time so we can definitely use some extra support this time around.

(Needless to say you can also expect some great hip-hop from our DJs as usual, and we're tentatively expecting Parrish Smith from EPMD in the house. And if you pledge online let me know so I can give you a shoutout!)