Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Got 5 on It... #TTD2012

Around this time last year, I already had 15 volumes of The Tape Deck released on the site. This year we're at 10. All the MP3s I'd accumulated in the past month and a half (i.e. since the year started) have (finally) been either placed into a volume of The Tape Deck or deleted from my hard drive. From this point on, The Tape Deck is starting off fresh with tighter tracklistings - both in terms of quality and quantity. The cover art seems to be doing its job too, as the Sasha Grey edition (Volume #7) has gotten more downloads than Volumes #1-#5 alone - all in the past 24 hours! Crazy. (I guess what they say is true... Sex sells! Don't worry though - I won't let that get too out of hand...) Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new direction I'm taking with these mixes. If you've got any suggestions, kind words, or even complaints, hit the comments section. Thanks.