Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Operation 2-29/2012

Since I started releasing the revamped volumes of The Tape Deck, I've been a lot more selective about the tracks I include. And then I realized that I've featured five Paul Wall tracks so far. That's a lot. Right? Again, keep in mind that I've been more selective here. Five Paul Wall tracks. In 2012. What the f*ck is going on here? Well, each of those five tracks are smooth. And pretty damn good. Stay posted for No Sleep Til Houston. Listen:

Kirko Bangz - Knowmtalmbout (feat. Paul Wall)

This track right here pushed me over the fence to download Kirko Bangz' new mixtape Progression 2 - A Young Texas Playa. The hook is stuck in my head. Very dope record I've got on repeat. #TTD201209

Paul Wall - 1st Time U Say No (feat. Crystal Wall)

Featuring his wife (yes, Mrs. Wall) on the hook, Paul Wall gathers his thoughts on his career thus far and what he's got to do to continue to put on for his city (and state). The lovely beat is laced by GL Productions. #TTD201209

Paul Wall - 2 Cups (feat. DJ Michael 5000 Watts)

Also produced by GL Productions, "2 Cups" kinda sounds like a Lex Luger mimic beat. This one's probably the weakest of the selection here (process of elimination), but I still #Fuxwitit. #TTD201208

Paul Wall - That's the Way Luv Goes

"I was shocked, g/ She got around like 2Pac/" I'm gonna overlook that line 'cause it kinda verges on #StruggleBars right there, but here's another one #iFuxwit. #TTD201207

Tum Tum - How We Chill (feat. Paul Wall, Smoke DZA & Deonte)

As if a Curtis Mayfield track couldn't attain a greater level of #FunkyFlyDopeShit, Tum Tum and crew go to work on the classic "Diamond in the Back" to do just that. This right here would be a summer anthem if they hadn't released it so early. Either way, I'll still probably be bumping this 'til August. #TTD201209