Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The X Label Releases MC Keithy E's Demo Tape

Thanks to this tweet from Werner von Wallenrod, I was made aware of this amazing new release from The X Label. The clothing brand has created a very nifty replica/(re-)release of Guru (a.k.a. MC Keithy E)'s demo tape, originally put out in 1986. The case and cassette itself are both decked out with scribblings from the late, great Keith Elam. I'm not sure about the liner notes though, because I'm too nervous to unleash this baby from its plastic wrapping. (I prefer my tapes sealed, anyways!) But I can assure you a lot of love and effort went into this project. This'll find a warm home in my tape collection, that's for sure. Delivery was super-quick (then again, I live in the same city it shipped out from!), and the proceeds go towards the trust fund of KC, Guru's son. Digital music may have killed the sales figures for physical formats, but I think we can make an exception here... Support!