Friday, December 16, 2011

t.A.T.u. & Lil Wayne #SOTY2011

Damn. Before 2011, the only t.A.T.u. song I knew was "All the Things She Said". Things done changed. I'm not too sure how resourceful the Russian pop duo's catalog might just turn out to be in terms of finding more sample-worthy content, but Swizz Beatz certainly scored a win with this right here (though he may not have been the first, according to some YouTube comments I've read). It's not enough that Swizz lifted and looped that perfect little piano melody, but the sparse vocals, sped-up in true hip hop fashion, really solidify this as one of my favorite samples of the year. I could care less what Wayne is saying on the track. The instrumental itself is simply entrancing. Why wasn't this on Tha Carter IV?