Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bobbi Humphrey & Freddie Gibbs #SOTY2011

With 2011 in the can (© Combat Jack; ||), I'm doing what I always do 'round this time of year - compiling... compilations! Best of all I'm working on my Samples of the Year 2011 joint which is poised to be the biggest one yet. So big in fact I may need to distribute it in parts. I'm talking GBs of music here. Well, at least over 1 GB - unless you want me to keep it slim and minimal and to the point (i.e. under 1 GB). Lemme know (comments section). Either way this Bobbi Humphrey sample is definitely going in there. Shouts to Beatnick & K-Salaam. Oh, and get ready for some Best of 2011 compilations, too! #HHIRBlueNote2011 #SOTY2011