Friday, November 25, 2011

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 11/25/2011

Music Analysis & Reporting:

The Real Story Behind Jay-Z’s #OWS Shirt Controversy by Jaap van der Doelen

First Monthly Journal Entry from Prison by Ja Rule

The Top Ten Drake Memes by Patrice Evans

Conspiracy Theory: Jay-Z, Illuminati Agent? by Jenée Desmond-Harris

Top 10 Thanksgiving Rap Songs by Henry Adaso

The Feminine Mystique: Lil Kim- Hardcore by Abe Beame

The 5 Worst Rap Names to Google by Jaap van der Doelen

Madlib & Freddie Gibbs form MadGibbs for Thuggin EP & America’s Most Blunted Part II: MadGibbs by Jeff Weiss

Kanye West Cites Nietzsche While Fighting Claim of Stealing 'Stronger' by Eriq Gardner

5 Things Today’s Rapper Should Be Thankful For On Thursday by Tony Grands

Bishop Lamont, Grown Up by Tosten Burks

Rap & Books: Underground Iconoclast J-Zone 'Roots for the Villain' by Jeff Weiss

Classics Revisited: Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique by Aaron M.

The Roots' Walk-On Music For Michele Bachmann Was Ha-Ha Funny, But... by Maura Johnston

Rock La France by Werner von Wallenrod

Back from the Future by Dallas Penn

MTV2 Revives 'Yo! MTV Raps' by Tim Molloy

Return of The Dog: Will DMX Make A Comeback? by Aaron M.

Powaful Impak! The 10 Most Powerful Videos In Hip Hop History Part One by Paul W. Arnold

Powaful Impak! The 10 Most Powerful Videos In Hip Hop History Part Two by Paul W. Arnold

Song(s) of the Day 11/25/11 by Blockhead

Willie The Kid: Top 10 Songs of 2011 by HL

What in the World Is Andre 3000 Doing? by Passion of the Weiss Staff

The First Class Ignorance of “Back to the First Time” by Jonah Bromwich

Dead Presidents to Represent Ace by Werner von Wallenrod

Of Course Yelawolf Used to Be on a Reality Show by Byron Crawford

Tags, Throwups & Pieces: Another Extended Blogging Analogy by Dart Adams

Album Reviews:

Yelawolf - Radioactive by Jaap van der Doelen

Yelawolf - Radioactive by August Brown

Yelawolf - Radioactive by Jake Paine

Yelawolf - Radioactive by Jayson Rodriguez

Yelawolf - Radioactive by Max

M.O.P. - Sparta by Mark Lelinwalla

Childish Gambino - Camp by Omar Burgess

Evidence - Cats & Dogs by Samir S.

Scram Jones - The Hat Trick by Max

MURS - Love and Rockets Vol. 1: The Transformation by TC

DJ Drama - Third Power by TC

Rihanna - Talk That Talk by Lindsay Zoladz

Rihanna - Talk That Talk by Jada Gomez-Lacayo

3:33 - Live from the Grove by Arika Dean

Tycho - Dive by Graham Major

Profiles & Interviews:

M.O.P.'s Five Favorite Collaborations by Phillip Mlynar

Oral History: Tupac's Acting Career Told Through His Co-Stars and Producers

Q&A: Action Bronson On The Difference Between The Chef Life And The Rap Life, Writing Rhymes While Having A Broken Ankle, And Being "Wonderful" by J. Pablo

Yelawolf Discusses Working With Kid Rock And Kool Herc, Songwriting, And Defends Group Home And Shawty Lo's Simplicity by The Company Man

Producer's Corner: T-Minus Explains Working With Drake From "Comeback Season" To "Take Care" by William E. Ketchum III