Friday, October 28, 2011


I haven't purchased a hip hop rag in a couple of years now, but XXL Magazine's November 2011 issue piqued my interest when I first saw the teasers/previews online: Nas gets interviewed by Tyler, The Creator. Interesting, I thought; kinda like what Interview Magazine does, pairing up two well-known people (i.e. actors, musicians, artists, etc.) to chop it up in a manner that seems more personal and free-spirited than the ol' journalistic approach. Putting aside Tyler's incessant tendency to use the word "legit" once every five seconds, I enjoyed the interview. In the issue, comparisons were made between Tyler and a young Nas that I'm not too sure I agree with (Nas "helped to pioneer shock rap"), but for whatever reason it motivated me to compile an Odd Future-inspired Nas mix. Don't ask.

GSQBKTA (can you guess what that stands for?) features a selection of some of my favorite songs by Mr. Jones - most of them lesser-known entries in his inarguably deep and diverse catalog. What these Nas tracks share in common, at least in my eyes (and ears), are off-kilter beats, unorthodox subject matters and aggressive vocal deliveries. I suppose that's also how I'd best describe the whole Odd Future musical movement as well. Unlike my sample sets and volumes of The Tape Deck, GSQBKTA is seamlessly mixed for optimal aural enjoyment. Enjoy... and turn it up!!