Sunday, October 9, 2011

Create a Tracklist!

Here's a creative little concept I encountered on Boxden... creating a tracklist for your favorite emcee(s). I made an attempt on Redman's rumored Muddy Waters II LP:
1. Dr. Trevis Returns (Intro)
2. Still 4 Real (Prod. by Erick Sermon)
3. Funk 'n Skunk (feat. Method Man) (Prod. by Pete Rock)
4. Fuckwhatyaheard (feat. Busta Rhymes) (Prod. by Erick Sermon)
5. Gilla House Killa (Prod. by Erick Sermon)
6. Tokyo Dro (Da Iron Lung) (feat. Method Man) (Prod. by The RZA)
7. High Times (Prod. by Erick Sermon)
8. Redd Fuxx (Skit)
9. Fa Sho! (feat. Ludacris & David Banner) (Prod. by Big K.R.I.T.)
10. B-40 (feat. E-40) (Prod. by Rick Rock)
11. Redrum (Murder) (feat. DJ Quik & The Game) (Prod. by DJ Quik)
12. Doggz III (feat. DMX) (Prod. by Rockwilder)
13. Bust Biscuits (feat. Ghostface Killah & Saukrates) (Prod. by The RZA)
14. Talmbout (Prod. by Erick Sermon)
15. Dona Juana (Prod. by DJ Quik)
16. Cluck Cluck (Skit)
17. You'z a Hoe (Prod. by Redman)
18. Soopaman Luva VII Interview (Skit)
19. Soopaman Luva VII (Prod. by Redman)
20. Brrrap! (feat. KRS-One) (Prod. by Erick Sermon)
21. Jerz (Prod. by Redman)
22. Def 4 Life (feat. Erick Sermon & Keith Murray) (Prod. by Erick Sermon) (Scratches by DJ Scratch)
Give it a shot, it's fun - if albeit totally unrealistic...