Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cee Lo Green - A Common OutKast

Here's another project I started on a while back (2009 to be exact): a compilation of Cee Lo Green's features on Common and OutKast albums. Though Common and OutKast come from different regions and have different styles, nonetheless they share a few things in, um, common. Putting aside the Erykah Badu connection (ha!), Cee Lo Green is a mutual friend/collaborator who has managed to hop on many standout album tracks. It wasn't until I started collecting these songs that I realized how many times Cee Lo had actually been featured on the aforementioned artists' albums. By my count, Cee Lo has appeared eleven times on Common and OutKast's albums. Conversely, Big Boi and Andre 3000 have each appeared on separate tracks off Goodie Mob's debut, Soul Food, but I didn't include them here. Instead, I decided to include some added bonus tracks: "In Due Time" (off the Soul Food OST), "Speedballin'" (off the Tomb Raider OST, though also included on some copies of Stankonia), and "Rooster Remix" (off Big Boi's entry in DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz series, Gangsta Grillz X). The final result is a nearly-eighty-minute-long playlist of some excellent, left-of-center hip hop to funk your head up. So enjoy... and turn it up!!