Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Hip Hop/Comic Book Connection

About a year ago, the hip hop blogosphere was buzzing over the culture-fusing work of Kenny Keil, an artist who released some amazing "superhero remixes" on his Flickr account. My personal favorite was/is the Spider-Man/Slick Rick cover (above), but the entire gallery is a thing of beauty, with other highlights including DC Comics' Darkseid replacing Redman on the NJ emcee's Dare Iz a Darkside cover - not to mention Kang the Conqueror being portrayed as Big Daddy Kane. Classic.

Cliff Chiang is yet another artist who is known to post his own album cover edits on his site (under the "12 Inch Remix" tag). He doesn't specialize in hip hop-themed covers, but that's fine. My favorite from Cliff's selection? Well, that's gotta be his Batgirl/Prince cover:

Brilliant. But there's more! Longboxes on 22s has been around for 5 months now but I've only just recently stumbled upon the site. I'm quite impressed (and needless to say I clicked 'Follow' with the quickness)! Here's a sampling of some of their work:

And of course, my requisite .gif reaction:

Bonus: Peace to The Last Emperor...