Saturday, July 9, 2011

Roll Call

A year ago, I put out The Beat Tape, Volume #1. That was fun but it was a bit of a hassle. Bandcamp's insistence on .wav and .flac files is counter-intuitive to my simple little world of mp3s. Putting out my instrumental-only Tape Deck joints are much easier to complete. I took a break in 2010 - I only released two of them - but I've picked up the slack in 2011. It's only July and I've already dropped six of them. Long story short, I've decided to incorporate the Beat Tape strategy moving forward though. If you're an independent artist, a sixteen year old with a laptop and FL Studio, whatever - as long as you've got some nice beats to share on HHIR I'm taking submissions now. Best way to reach me is on Twitter or Tumblr. Lawd knows I'm too lazy to check my e-mails. Having a Soundcloud account (with downloads enabled!) is a big help too. Peace.