Friday, June 10, 2011

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 6/10/2011

Music Analysis & Reporting:

Game of Thrones © George R.R. Martin by Dart Adams

Don't Believe the Hype: After the Freshmen Class by TRU Nation

Song of the Day: Young Jeezy feat. Freddie Gibbs - Do It For You… by Mobb Deen

4 Famous Authors and Their Hip-Hop Equivalents by Daniel O'Brien

10 Best Rap Albums of 2011 by Henry Adaso

Broken Language: Classics by Craig Jenkins

RESPECT. Editorial Vol. 2 Issue 3 by Elliott Wilson

The Long Tail of Lil B: Why The Based God Is a Genius by Andrew Courtien

Random Fandom… by Dallas Penn

Beyonce Brought Andre 3000 Out to Party; Then My Mind Exploded by WULU

You Are Now Rokking with the Best: The New DJ Shadow EP by Jeff Weiss

Wack-Ass Wednesday: Yo! NBA Raps by Danj!

Why Vinyl Reissues Are a Good Thing by Amir "Sa'id" Said

Ice-T Is Not a Legend by Tony Grands

Ice T Reunites Body Count At E3: "I Finally Get to Kill Some Shit and Not Go to Jail" by Andrew Courtien

Top 10 Least Sexy Sex Stunts in Rap Songs by Rebecca Haithcoat

Well, Ja Rule Goes to Prison Today by John Gotty

Siah and Yeshua DapoED by Werner von Wallenrod

Don't Ever Let Anyone Tell You You're Not Important Enough to Perform at Summer Jam by Byron Crawford

An Afternoon with Lord Finesse by Robbie Ettelson

The Rap Songs of the Arab Spring by NPR Staff

Akrobatik: Down But Not Out by Chris Faraone

Who Flipped It Better?: Gap Mangione's "Diana in the Autumn Wind" by Oliver Wang

Nas - "A Message to the Feds, Sincerely, We the People" (2004) by Marcus Amran

Kreayshawn: Another Case of Appropriating Black Culture by Bene Viera

The Kreayshawn Myth by Timmhotep Aku

Jadakiss Makes Menacing Kissy Noises by Drew Hinshaw

Kanye West Premieres the Long-Delayed Video for 'Monster,' Attempts to Skate Controversy by Jeff Weiss

Ten Diss Songs You (Probably) Never Heard, But Should Have (Part 1) by GuttaBoyJihaD

Random Thought… by Mobb Deen

Which Musical Genre Was South Park Spoofing With "Tween Wave"? by Maura Johnston

The Hybrid, Smoking on Papaya by Jeff Weiss

The Ravediggaz by The Great Gats, B

Live: Kanye West's Big and Loud and Secret Show by Jeff Rosenthal

Live: Rick Ross Lives Out His Dreams at Summer Jam by Jeff Rosenthal

Kendrick Lamar: Compton’s Most Wanted by J. Tinsley

Why Music Stars Sell a Double Life by Danny Thrax

Antoine Fuqua Drops Out of Tupac Shakur Biopic, To Direct ‘Southpaw’ Starring Eminem Instead? by Kevin Jagernauth

Lupe Fiasco: Obama Is a Terrorist by Jenée Desmond-Harris

Lupe Fiasco Talking Out of His Ass Again by J to the Aap

Lupe Fiasco Calls President Obama a Terrorist by Gerrick D. Kennedy

Album Reviews:

Kool G Rap - Riches, Royalty & Respect by Andres Vasquez

Killer Mike - Pl3dge by Steven Potter

Vast Aire - Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey by Francisco McCurry

Vast Aire - Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey by The Company Man

Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's by Aaron M.

Tech N9ne - All 6's and 7's by Andres Vasquez

Kidd Kidd - The Reallionaire by TC

Mexicans with Guns - Ceremony by Brian Hodge

Cults - Cults by Joe Tangari

Arctic Monkeys - Suck It and See by Marc Hogan

Black Lips - Arabia Mountain by Stuart Berman

13 & God - Own Your Ghost by Arika Dean

DELS - Gob by Craig Monts

Atmosphere - Overcast! (1997) by Max

Danger Doom - The Mouse and The Mask (October 11, 2005) by Max

Jemini & Danger Mouse - Ghetto Pop Life (2003) by Sam Rosen

Profiles & Interviews:

Pete Rock Tells All: The Stories Behind His Classic Records by Daniel Isenberg

Q&A: Aesop Rock Tosses Hail Mary of Fun by Noz

Q&A With DJ Quik: "I Still Got My Talent. That's Not Going Anywhere." by Jayson Greene

10 Favorite Sample Flips with Jake One

Blueprint: Older & Smarter, Me at My Best by Zan

Five Questions to Ask at Ben Westhoff's Dirty South Reading by Phillip Mlynar

The Ascendant Big K.R.I.T. on His ‘Soulful, Gritty, Southern Hip-Hop’ by Sowmya Krishnamurthy