Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Money-B's Goin Way Back Show #109: Skee-Lo

"Skee-Lo moved to Los Angeles, CA from Chicago, IL in the mid '80s when he began producing his own music. His 1st hit record was titled "I Wish." The "I Wish" single, with a video that parodied Forrest Gump, became a huge hit on radio and TV during the summer of 1995, and his identically titled debut album was released shortly thereafter earning him two Grammy nominations for both album & single. Skee-Lo (my evil twin) joins me to talk about sampling's place in hip hop today, and how he came up with his hit "I Wish". We premier Skee-Lo's new single "Burn It Up" from his upcoming album Fresh Ideas."
1. Intro (Money B)
2. Here Comes That Beat (Pumpkin and the Profile All-Stars)
3. What's Beef? (The Notorious B.I.G.)
4. Brooklyn's in the House (Cutmaster D.C.)
5. Break 2 (Money B)
6. Help (Hot Boys)
7. Hush Hush Tip (Entyce)
8. Skee-Lo Interview Pt. 1
9. Burger Song (Skee-Lo)
10. Skee-Lo Interview Pt. 2
11. Superman (Skee-Lo)
12. Skee-Lo Interview Pt. 3
13. Top of the Stairs (Skee-Lo)
14. Skee-Lo Interview Pt. 4
15. I Wish (Skee-Lo)
16. Skee-Lo Interview Pt. 5
17. Burn It Up (Skee-Lo)
18. Rebel Without a Pause (Public Enemy)
19. People Over the Stairs (Shock G feat. No Face)
20. Outro (Money B)