Friday, April 22, 2011

Lyle Horowitz - Auteur: Director's Cut

A new release from HHIR-approved Lyle Horowitz:
Here's my latest album, Auteur: Director's Cut -- a re-vamped version of 2009's Auteur album, which is now offline. Features five songs from the original version, completely remastered, five remixes/amended versions and a bonus, iPod-ready music video for "By The Block" featuring Elucid:

Auteur, the french word for "author" and a theory in film criticism which holds that a director's films reflect the director's personal creative vision. In spite of - and sometimes even because of - the films in question being made as part of an industrial process, the author's creative voice is distinctive enough to shine through all kinds of studio interference. As a filmmaker, this is my goal. As a musician, I hope to do the same.