Saturday, April 9, 2011

DJ Quik - The Book of David | First Peek

DJ Quik - The Book of David

Release Date: April 19, 2011
Label: Mad Science Recordings

This record has been completed since February 2010. What kept us deprived from Quik's first solo LP since 2005's Trauma? Sample clearances and artists signing off on the album's features. Figures. Well, on April 19th The Book of David will finally be revealed! From the preview tracks and snippets I've heard so far, I'm guessing it'll surpass the inevitable fuck-up that Detox has proven itself to be(come). But that's not saying much now is it?

Tracklisting + Preview Tracks + Full Album Snippets:
1. Fire and Brimstone
2. Do Today (feat. BlaKKazz K.K. & Jon B)
3. Ghetto Rendezvous
4. Luv Of My Life (feat. Gift)
5. Babylon (feat. Bizzy Bone & BlaKKazz K.K.)
6. Killer Dope
7. Real Women (feat. Jon B)
8. Poppin (feat. BlaKKazz K.K.)
9. Hydromatic (feat. Jon B & Gift)
10. Across the Map (feat. Bizzy Bone & Bun B)
11. Nobody (feat. Suga Free)
12. Boogie Till You Conk Out (feat. Ice Cube)
13. Flow For Sale (feat. Kurupt)
14. So Compton (feat. BlaKKazz K.K.)
15. Time Stands Still (feat. Dwele)
16. The End? (feat. Garry Shider)