Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Writing Was on the Wall... and Then It Wasn't

For many years, I’d been reading and laughing along to Byron Crawford’s column on XXL. And for all of those years, I complained about the fact that XXL didn’t have a unique RSS feed for Bol’s posts. Instead, I had to subscribe to all of XXL’s articles content. Quite a price to pay – yes, even given the fact that I get all this shit for free! Somewhat recently, XXL finally gave Bol his own feed. I immediately dropped the all-or-nothing XXL subscription. Obviously. Things were working out so great… until Bol just had to fuck shit up with his hilarious tour de force titled “Odd Future: Black Juggalos?”. Soon afterwards, I noticed that Bol’s feed was producing links with headlines like "11 Fun Facts About the 2011 Freshmen Cover Shoot" and “Gucci Mane ‘Weirdo’”. The Bol I know wouldn’t be so laconic to call Gucci Mane, simply, a “weirdo.” He’d use a few more syllables than that at the very least. Something was wrong. XXL had begun disseminating the website’s other articles content using Bol’s unique feed. This started in February. Bol found out about being let go in March. Ain’t that a bitch. *unsubscribes*