Sunday, March 20, 2011

WC - Collaborations, B-Sides & Remixes

Starting with his mid-80s induction into the rap game with Cli-N-Tel and The Organization, to his participation in Low Profile alongside DJ Aladdin, to his WC and the Maad Circle days with his brother DJ Crazy Toones and hype man Coolio, and all the way up to his allegiance with Ice Cube, Mack 10 and their Westside Connection, WC's status as an undisputed legend in the realm of West Coast hip hop has been secured for plenty of years already. WC's catalog is expansive, featuring collaborations with not just a who's who list of West Coast emcees, but artists from all across the map. His discography spans just over twenty-five years, dating back to 1985's 12" release of The Organization's "The Big Beat", forward to his latest solo LP, Revenge of the Barracuda. For this occasion, I've organized a Library of a Legend-like compilation to celebrate WC's quarter-century of hip hop. Spanning over six hours, Collaborations, B-Sides & Remixes features a sampling of classics and rarities, hits and deep cuts from the West Coast rap pioneer. Here to reclaim the fame, it's the four fingers up, two twisted in the middle... Turn it up!!