Tuesday, March 8, 2011

House Shoes Presents... Constellations: The A to Z of Dennis Coffey

One love to House Shoes holding it down for the D, in this case both Detroit and Dennis Coffey, the acclaimed guitarist and member of the Funk Brothers (a collective of studio musicians who were essential to many of Motown's greatest hits). Coffey is also the architect of several classic hip hop tracks which sampled his work.

Coffey will be releasing an eponymous solo LP on April 26th, featuring "new songs and new versions of songs which originally featured Coffey's distinctive guitar work." More info here. To whet your appetite, House Shoes has worked his magic and concocted a mix of Coffey's "history of funk", featuring the "psychedelic b-boy soul of Coffey's 70's solo material, classic recordings on which he recorded as a sessions musician, hip-hop cuts which have sampled his material, and even a couple of sneak peaks at the new album's music." Turn it up!!