Friday, January 14, 2011

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 1/14/2011

Music Analysis & Reporting:

Sorry Doug E. Fresh – Lord Finesse Is The World’s Greatest Entertainer by Robbie

The Limits Of Control © Jim Jarmusch by Dart Adams

If I Ruled the World: 2011 Wish List by TRU Nation

Help Yourself by Helping Others by Kosha Dillz

10 Tapes To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With… by Robbie

5 Questions About Mixtapes With TDK Chronicles & Gotty™ by John Gotty

Do Remember! by Danj!

Long dormant Shady Records arises from its slumber to sign Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse by Jeff Weiss

East of Edan by Mo' Codenames

Distant Relatives: RZA & Koolhass by JDS

Jay-Z Speaks Financial Truth in New Song With Kanye West by Zack O'Malley Greenburg

The Top 50 Songs of 2010 by Joey

Snoop Dogg starts weekly giveaway, #PuffPuffPassTuesdays, with ode to 'El Lay' by Jeff Weiss

Waking Up To The Reality Of Kanye’s Dark Twisted Fantasy by TC

A ham sandwich > Hamsterdam > “H.A.M.” by Byron Crawford

The Curse of H.A.M: Whose Swine Will Survive Until Easter Sunday? by Jeff Weiss

What's The Consensus? The Internet's Top Tastemakers React To Jay-Z & Kanye West's "H.A.M." by Every Blogger But Me #salty

Why Are We Infatuated With Rick Ross? by Meka

Sip Your Cognac, Let’s All Wash This Money Through the Laundromat by Jeff Weiss

How The Internet Changed Hip Hop – Part 1: Print Media by Harlem World

RZA’s ‘The Man With The Iron Fist’ Now Shooting In China by Kevin Jagernauth

Album Reviews:

Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik 0-60 by Fred Castano

Rick Ross - Ashes to Ashes by Tom Breihan

Planet Asia - Crack Belt Theatre by Andres Vasquez

Sha Stimuli - Unsung Volume 1: The Garden of Eden by The Company Man

G-Side - The One...Cohesive by Jake Paine

Yeasayer - Live at Ancienne Belgique by Ian Cohen

Daft Punk - Tron: Legacy by Brandon Rae

White Fence - Is Growing Faith by Martin Douglas

N.E.R.D. - The Best of N.E.R.D. by Tom Breihan

Atlas Sound - Bedroom Databank, Vols. 1-4 by Joe Colly

Gatekeeper - Giza EP by Jess Harvell

The Beets - Stay Home by Martin Douglas

Comic Wow - Music for Mysteries of Mind Space and Time by Zach Cole

Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights by Erik Stabile

Black Francis - The Golem Rock Album by Eric Grandy

Future Islands - Undressed EP by David Bevan

Profiles & Interviews:

Question in the Form of an Answer: Lord Finesse by Matt Shea

Art From An Honest Place Cuts Through The Fluff: An Interview With Jon Hope by Brian Hodge


The Blair Hitch Project by Christopher Hitchens

The Giffords Tragedy: Is the Media Partly at Fault? by Matt Taibbi

Can Obama Turn Tragedy Into Triumph? by Jonathan Alter

State of the Unions by James Surowiecki

Obama Created More Jobs In One Year Than Bush Created In Eight by Alex Seitz-Wald

Defusing The Obama Internet ID Scare by Aaron Brauer-Rieke


Patton Oswalt's Surprisingly Haunting Memoir by Cameron Tung