Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - Soy Khalifa (Best of 2010)

The Source Magazine recently dubbed Wiz Khalifa their rookie of the year. Though he's yet to release his major label debut, he's appropriately earned a spot on my end of year considerations as well. His mixtape Kush & Orange Juice grew on me, and I must admit that "Black & Yellow" is quite infectious. My compilation features thirty tracks by the PA emcee dispersed throughout the blogosphere over the past year. Soy Khalifa takes its name from the intro track on Dexter Gordon's 1962 album A Swingin' Affair, from which the cover art is based upon as well (slideshow here). I've included a quick snippet as an intro just for kicks. You know what it iiiiiiiiiis. As always, enjoy... and turn it up!!