Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kanye West - Your Asphalt (Best of 2010)

Kanye West may be an arrogant, megalomaniacal asshole of unseen douchebaggery proportions but hey, he can make some great records. His singing sucks and his artsy vibe is only a notch above pedestrian by my estimate. And truthfully, I'm not even a big fan of his new album (I think it's the third-best in his catalog). But with all that said, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is my choice for Album of the Year. I know, I know, "but everybody's dick-riding the new Kanye album". This is true. It's also justifiable. The difference between a "Top __ Albums of 2010" list and an "Album of the Year" choice is that there is no second place for the latter selection. Kanye's album might be number three or four on your personal "Top __" list, behind The Roots, Roc Marciano, The Left or Big Boi (etc., etc.) - and that'd be a perfectly fair and reasonable argument. But "Album of the Year"? That title is bold. Album. Of the year. When you think about 2010 and the sole album that stood out in the past twelve months, only one of them really rises tall over the rest. Yes, it's the one with the pixelated fucking on the cover. In the words of 'Pac, "I don't wanna but I gotta do it." My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is my choice for rap album of the year. So here's to you, douchebags and assholes. Enjoy Your Asphalt... and turn it up!!