Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm in Redman's New Music Video. Kinda.

Props to all the folks who crammed up my inbox to let me know about this! Yes, including YOU! I don't know what to say other than "lol". I was just talking to some folks yesterday about the odd tendency (and frequency) of these editorial blunders. In fact just yesterday, VIBE did it again! But Redman takes the cake. A music video? C'mon, son. That means someone actually found my image, looked at it and approvingly printed it onto a large, heavy-stock sign and didn't realize the mistake they'd made, even to the point of shooting the video. Or maybe they did realize they'd messed up and just said "fuck it" and went ahead with it anyways. Or maybe I've got a secret admirer who's bent on advertising my site for free. Either way, this was definitely a pleasant surprise. I'm just confused as to how and why a staff working on a music video for a Def Jam album (Reggie) wasn't able to access high quality artwork from another Def Jam album (The Blueprint). Ah, well. One final note: I actually did "lol" when I noticed that the word "Jew" was edited out of the "Def Jammable" video. Ha...ppy Hanukkah!