Friday, November 5, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 11/5/2010

"I won’t write you a love song..." by Ayumi♥Turquoise

Hip Hop & Literature:

Straight Outta Comp 101: A language dork finally falls in love with rap by Sam Anderson

Listening To Rap For The First Time, With A Book Critic by Frannie Kelley

A Great Big Book of Rap Lyrics by Werner von Wallenrod

Fact-Check the Rhyme by Paul Devlin

Bloggerhouse presents: Blog Love Pt. I (10 Blogs You’re Probably Sleepin’ On) by Eric C.

The Official Bloggerhouse Story by Dart Adams

Music Analysis & Reporting:

300 Slept On Tracks From The Last Decade (Dart’s Picks 41-60) by Dart Adams

300 Slept On Tracks From The Last Decade (Eric’s Picks 31-40) by Eric C.

Behind The Boards: Domino – Make Your Move by Futura

Why Jay-Z is NOT a Devil-Worshiping Illuminati Propagandist by Dallas Penn

My Dark Twisted Pet Peeve About Ye’s Album by WULU

The Light At the End of the Tunnel by Danielle Stolich

BeatTips MusicStudy: Ahmad Jamal Trio by Amir Said

Dear White rappers by Blockhead

How To Tell When Your Favorite Rapper Has Gone Bat Shit Crazy… Kanye West’s Runaway Video by Doc Zeus

Is Hip-Hop Not Crazy Enough for You? Werner von Wallenrod

Tragedy, Nas, Ak Skills, and Meyhem Lauren: Q-Boro Continuum by Thun

Jeru, Common, Nas, and Lil B: Genre Personification by Thun

Waka Flocka Flame, Celph Titled, and The Tim Dog Effect by Thun

The Gospel of Matthews: Tony Allen’s “No Discrimination” by Aaron Matthews

Belly of the Beast by Danj!

Taylor Swift's first-week tally: 1,047,000 for 'Speak Now' by Randy Lewis

Album Reviews:

What’s New In Dart’s iPod #24 AKA Dart On The Laptop: The REAL Legend Of Mr. Rager by Dart Adams

Celph-Titled & Buckwild - Nineteen Ninety Now by Sean Ryon

Devin The Dude - Gotta Be Me by The Company Man

Skyzoo & !llmind - Live From The Tape Deck by Patrick M.

The Foreign Exchange - Authenticity by Luke Gibson

Dâm-Funk - Adolescent Funk by Nate Patrin

Vado - Slime Flu by Tom Breihan

Nottz - You Need This Music by Amanda Bassa

The Foreign Exchange - Authenticity by Craig Jenkins

Ski Beatz - 24 Hour Karate School by Nate Patrin

Lyrics Born - As U Were by Michael Sheehan

Hezekiah - Conscious Porn by The Company Man

Danny! - Where Is Danny? by David Reyneke

Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series, Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 by Joshua Love

Gucci Mane - The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted by David Drake

9th Wonder - 9th's Opus: It's A Wonderful World Music Group Volume 1 by Slava Kuperstein

N*E*R*D - Nothing by Jeff Weiss

N*E*R*D - Nothing by Jayson Greene

N*E*R*D - Nothing by Kathy Iandoli

Matt & Kim - Sidewalks by Rebecca Raber

Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner by Brandon Rae

Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown by Ian Cohen

My Dry Wet Mess - Irrational Alphabet by Mallory Pickard

The Octopus Project - Hexadecagon by Erik Stabile

Koncept - Playing Life by Marcus Moore

Profiles & Interviews:

Eric B: Election Day by Jake Paine

We Like Movies and Stories: An Interview with Von Pea by Zach Cole

Question in the Form of an Answer: DJ Shadow by Jeff Weiss

Jeff Chang: It’s Bigger Than Politics, the Real Shift is Cultural by Jamilah King

Rap without compromise by Alexander Billet

Hip-Hop with class: Iraq War veteran to open for Digital Underground by Ryan Benson

Conan O’Brien Opens Up About His New Show, His Old Show, and Why He’s Not Interested in Being a Folk Hero by Josef Adalian


An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum by Tim Wise

Olbermann Suspension is Lunacy by Matt Taibbi

Divided We Fail by Paul Krugman

'Take back our government'? From whom? by Eugene Robinson

Pelosi's Triumph: Democrats didn't lose the battle of 2010. They won it. by William Saletan

Obama Can Pursue Ambitious Agenda Without Congress's Help by Dan Froomkin

Asked If Untaxed Corporations Like Exxon Are Taxed Too Much, Tea Party Leaders Say Yes by Lee Fang


Who would win in a fight, MC Hammer or Jay-Z? by Byron Crawford

The real reason Dubya is upset with Kanye by Byron Crawford

These southern rappers can’t stay out of prison! by Byron Crawford

The 5 Most Wildly Illegal Court Rulings in Movie History by D. McCallum

See, Internet? This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things by Jaap van der Doelen

How A Woman Should Behave On A Date