Friday, October 22, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 10/22/2010

"rip eyedea" by BLACKSHEEPONEY

Music Analysis & Reporting:

The /b/ Boys: Odd Future and the Swag Generation by Sean Fennessey

Bloggerhouse Presents: 300 Slept On Tracks from the Last Decade (Dart's Picks 1-20) by Dart Adams

Bloggerhouse Presents: 300 Slept On Tracks from the Last Decade (Trav's 11-20) by Travis

Kanye West's album art: Banned in the U.S.A.? Perhaps 'banned' isn't the right word by Todd Martens

Kanye West's 'taking offense' with Pop & Hiss writer 'Kriss Lee' by Chris “Kriss” Lee

Party and Bullshit: Yelawolf Walks the Line by Jeff Weiss

8 Free Releases You Might Have Missed in 2010 by Jason G.

DanjLovesThe80sToo: Krush Groovin' by Danj!

Portrait of the Rapper as a Young Marketer: How K'naan Delivered on Coca-Cola's $300 Million Bet by Rick Tetzeli

G.I. Thuggin' by Joey

Freddie Gibbs – “Learn To Duck” by J. Tinsley

The Unkut Guide to Vertically-Challenged Rappers by Robbie

Ice Cube loses the beef with 'new' West Coast rappers by Jeff Weiss

How Far We Done Fell: Masta Ace and Juelz Santana by Thun

Rapper Saigon Joins Ranks Of Beatmakers by Amir Said

Elvis Presley to receive the hip-hop remix treatment on a new album by Jeff Weiss

7 Video Game Beats That Should Be Rap Songs by C. Paicely

Get Your Mind Right: It Was Written (Unfortunately) by Brian Sims

Dr. Dre protege Dawaun Parker releases first single by Jeff Weiss

Ralph Lauren and Dipset: A Love Affair by L.A.S

15 Rap Bangers Inspired By Sade Samples by Elan Mancini

Introduction to 'Bob Marley and the Golden Age of Reggae' by Cameron Crowe

Taylor Swift Is Angry, Darn It by Jon Caramanica


Lupe Fiasco Rages Against MTV

Album Reviews:

Hell Razah - Heaven Razah by Francisco McCurry

Nottz - You Need This Music by Adam Figman

Danny Brown - The Hybrid by Martin Douglas

7L & Esoteric - 1212 by Sean Ryon

Canibus - C of Tranquility by Amanda Bassa

Canibus - C of Tranquility by Andrew Schweizer

Canibus - C of Tranquility by Rizoh

Lil Wayne - I Am Not a Human Being by TC

Ice Cube - I Am the West by Ian Cohen

Aloe Blacc - Good Things by Zach Cole

Teebs - Ardour by Jake O'Connell

Eric Lau - Makin' Sound by Zach Cole

El Da Sensei & The Returners - GT2: Nu World by A.L. Dre

Kno - Death Is Silent by Michael Sheehan

The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream by Jennifer Kelly

King Sunny Ade - Baba Mo Tunde by Kevin Macneil Brown

Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer by Kevin S. Gary

Marnie Stern - Marnie Stern by Brian Hodge

The Gaslamp Killer - Death Gate EP by Tal Rosenberg

Kae Sun - Lion on a Leash by Marcus Moore

Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown by Margaret Wappler

Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli by Craig Jenkins

Profiles & Interviews:

The State of Jay-Z's Empire by John Jurgensen

Ice Cube: Ghost In The Machine by Omar Burgess

DJ Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Remember Legendary Big L/Jay-Z Freestyle by jkennedy

Lloyd Banks: Second Round K.O. by Haaron Hines

Who Is Kanye West Cover Artist George Condo? by Gil Kaufman


Rest In Peace Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen by Rhymesayers

Remembering Micheal “eyedea” Larsen by Rhymesayers & Friends

RIP Eyedea by Blockhead

Remembering rapper Michael 'Eyedea' Larsen by Jeff Weiss

R.I.P Eyedea (1981-2010) by Jeff Weiss

Between the Lines: Remembering Eyedea by Andres Vasquez

In Memory of Eyedea by Ali Elabbady

A Letter to the Fans and Friends of Eyedea by Copywrite


Rap Star Running for Alderman by Duaa Eldeib

Veteran Suicides Outnumber US Military Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan by Nadia Prupis

CNN Cares About Black People by Maurice Garland

My Feud With O'Donnell by Meghan McCain

In Defense of Meghan McCain by Mona Gable


Hip-Hop’s 50 Greatest Animated GIFs by Insanul Ahmed

Let’s Have a Toast to Standing in Line by Amanda Bassa

Hip-Hop Galactus by Khal

A child’s stomach just growled, did you hear it? by Byron Crawford

Mic Check: The 10 Best Sh*t Talkers In Wrestling History by David D.

Just my thoughts on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s children by Byron Crawford

Save The Race: 10 Women Who Should Never Reproduce by Beware

The 25 Greatest Mike Tyson Quotes by Rizoh

More from the Forward-Glancing Knicks Yearbook by Joey

5 Reasons Brandy Has Been Celibate by Jerry Barrow

Better in Bed: Sarah Palin vs. Christine O’Donnell? by Alec