Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm You, Pt. II

Pt. II ... "Word up son, word."

She's got you stuck off the realness. Christine O'Donnell's first video started off with "I'm not a witch." This was her attempt to debunk past claims (and, um, admissions) that she'd "dabbled" in witchcraft. As nutty as that was, I give it a pass. Fine.

This new ad begins with "I didn't go to Yale." This is clearly a ploy to seem as non-elitist as possible. Because Republicans hate elitism, right? Only here's the problem. Christine O'Donnell has repeatedly LIED about the schools she's attended. She said she went to Claremont. Lie. She said she went to Oxford. Lie. But then again, who doesn't lie on their LinkedIn profile? My gosh. She's... She's me! And she didn't inherit millions like her opponent. Just like me! Wow!

Fuck off, Ms. O'Donnell. "You don't know me. there's no relation."