Friday, August 6, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 8/6/2010

"point.of.view" by derbenjamin

Music Analysis & Reporting:

A Story for My Detroit Niggas by The One and Only Hex "Fuck You!" Murda

The 2010 Intermission: 75 Great Songs We’ve Enjoyed So Far by The TSS Crew

Got 'Til It's Gone: The Legacy of J Dilla by Nate Patrin

Motor City Coltranes and Midwest Malcolms by Jeff Weiss

Biggie Smalls: The Voice That Influenced a Generation by Frannie Kelley

Confessions of a Hip Hop Junkie by Rachel C.

Bloggerhouse presents 75 Backpack Bangers (1994-2000) (Dart Drops Another 25) by Dart Adams

Bloggerhouse presents 75 Backpack Bangers (1994-2000) (Eric Drops Another 25) by Eric

Bloggerhouse presents 75 Backpack Bangers (1994-2000) (Trav’s Last Call 25+1) by Travis

Red Bull and RZA by Jeff Weiss

Ya’ll Need a Time Out by C-Dub

New York Rappers Talk Their Worst Summer Jobs by Phillip Mlynar

Rick Ross Sucks by Donald Crunk

If Wyclef Jean were president by Byron Crawford

Hip-Hop is Still Good: Let the Golden Age Begin… Again by Manny Maduakolam

Why Rap Doesn’t Age Well by Robbie

The Maturation of Hip Hop by C-Dub

10 Fat Joe Songs You Might Have Missed by Robbie

Who Is The Greatest Houston Rapper Of All Time? by Shea Serrano, Rizoh & More

The 50 Greatest Vocoder Songs by Dave Tompkins

Man versus machine: Dibiase premieres first single from 'Machines Hate Me' by Jeff Weiss

Purple. by DANJ!

God In The Building by Noz

For "Trouble Man," Pete Rock Gives Inspectah Deck A Compressed Time Clock Of A Beat by Amir Said

Rap Albums: An Obsolete Format? by Meka

Shorty wanna PlayStation by Byron Crawford

The Game releases 'Brake Lights' mixtape with DJ Skee by Jeff Weiss

Live review: K'Naan at the House of Blues by Mikael Wood

Don’t Blame Your Fans, Blame Yourself by Meka

Pop Off: He Raps, She Sings. Does It Still Count As A Duet? by Maura Johnston

Hip-Hop Artistry Knows No Borders with Michel Martin

Mad Men, Miles Davis and the Aesthetic of Cool by Todd Boyd

Why not hire a music critic as an 'American Idol' judge? Ten contestants for the job by Randall Roberts

Album Reviews:

Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa EP by Tom Breihan

Rick Ross - Teflon Don by Ian Cohen

El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhell-megamixxx3 by Nate Patrin

El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 by Remco Semaun

Inspired Flight - We All Want to Fly by Fred Castano

June Marx - Body of God by Kevin S. Gary

Ras Kass - A.D.I.D.A.S. by Luke Gibson

Cut Chemist - The Sound of the Police by Luke Gibson

Lewis Parker & John Robinson - International Summers by Marcus Moore

Trek Life - Everything Changed Nothing by Zach Cole

Random & K-Murdock - Forever Famicom by Nicholas Candiotto

Gyptian - Hold You by Amanda Bassa

Say My Name - Say My Name EP by Andrew Martin

Premonition - The Build by Zach Cole

Paul White - Paul White and the Purple Brain by Craig Jenkins

M.I.A. - /\/\/\Y/\ by Marzelle Addy

James Brown - The Singles, Vol. 9: 1973-1975 by Douglas Wolk

Profiles & Interviews:

Bun B Talks longevity, working with the next generation of rappers, and the meaning of being a 'Trill O.G.' by Jeff Weiss

Question in the Form of An Answer: El-P by Jeff Weiss

Game Talks R.E.D. Album Delays, Fake Gangsters & “Butthurt” Fans by Insanul “Incilin” Ahmed

Bun B On How Teaching Religious Studies Will Preserve Hip Hop's Future by Lindsay Sanchez

Elzhi: Slum Village’s Lost One Breaks His Silence by Anslem Samuel


Why I Was Angry by Anthony Weiner

How the Tea Parties Almost Killed America (Revolutionary War Edition) by John H. Richardson


Chosen Few — Just How Jewish Are These Black Celebrities? by Paul Cantor