Friday, August 27, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 8/27/2010

"Pencil Vs Camera - 32" by Ben Heine

Music Analysis & Reporting:

Letting the Record Skip: How You Killed Your Favorite Record Store by Craig Jenkins

I Wonder If Heaven Got A Fat Beats? by Dart Adams

Rest In Fat Beats – 5 Other Things Got Til’ It’s Gone by WULU

What Will You Remember Most About Fat Beats? by Rob Markman

Fat Beats Closes Its Doors by C-Dubb

KRS-One Recalls Making Of Criminal Minded by Shaheem Reid

Details revealed of Tupac Shakur biopic by Jeff Weiss

The Return of The Shelved Albums (Knucklehedz “Stricktly Savage”, Large Professor “The LP” & INI “Center Of Attention”) by Dart Adams

The Return of The Shelved Album (Young Zee - Musical Meltdown) by Eric

The Return of The Shelved Album (Crustified Dibbs) by Eric

The Return of The Shelved Album (Omniscience) by Travis

The Return of The Shelved Album (Jemini The Gifted One) by Eric

The Return of the Shelved Albums (Hi-Tech) by Travis

How Kanye West's Twitter Killed Music Magazines by Zach Baron

The Rap Legacy Of “Friends And Strangers” by David D.

A Brief History Of The Cash Grab Verse by Dom P

Around the World in a Day by Zilla Rocca

The 90s Loved… The 90s? by Danj!

The Unkut Guide To Rap Battles That Never Happened by Robbie

Top 6 Best Rap Songs by Athletes by Drew Tewksbury

Hey Nasir! Liberate that shit!!! by HL

I Used to Love H.E.R.: Chris DeLine (Culture Bully) by Chris DeLine

The Art of Biting by C-Dubb

Eminem: I Get Confused [Recovery's Mix-Ups] by Insanul Ahmed

Sniff that Soulja Boy by Byron Crawford

5 Reasons Not To Judge Keith Murray by Jerry Barrow

Should Beatmakers Audit "Club" Music? by Amir Said

6 MCs DJ Muggs Needs to Collaborate With ASAP by 'XXL Staff'

Noodles!!! by HL

Who Has the Best Shot at Making Hip-Hop’s Next Classic LP? by Rob Markman

Hiero vs Hobo: Who really won? PAUSE!!! by HL

The ‘Lo-End Theory In Real Life by Dallas Penn

Ball Caps, Beats, & Backpacks: Rock the Bells by Jeff Weiss

Live review: Rock the Bells still tolls for 1993 by Jeff Weiss

Album Sales Hit Record Lows. Again. by Caitlin Kenney

Album Reviews:

Camu Tao - King of Hearts by Jeff Weiss

Slum Village - Villa Manifesto Francisco McCurry

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs by Brandon Rae

Kero One - Kinetic World by Justin Boland

Young Jeezy - 1,000 Grams Vol. 1 by Tom Breihan

Gucci Mane - Jewelry Selection by David Drake

Mogwai - Special Moves by Stuart Berman

Usher - Versus by Jeff Weiss

Dâm-Funk - Hood Pass Intact by Tal Rosenberg

Paper Tiger - Made Like Us by Nicholas Candiotto

Klaxons - Surfing the Void by Ian Cohen

Electric Wire Hustle - Electric Wire Hustle by Zach Cole

8thw1 & 2 Hungry Bros - No Room For Dessert by Ali Elabbady

Profiles & Interviews:

R.I.P. Scott La Rock - Remembering the BDP Legend 23 Years Later by Noah Callahan-Bever

Tame One by Damian Ghigliotty

Metallungies Hollers @ Pete Rock, Interview by knobbzXL

Hip-Hop Star Lupe Fiasco Reacts to the Ground Zero Mosque Controversy by amir shaw

Bloggerhouse Interview: Shawn Jackson by Travis

Purely About the Journey: An Interview With Andreya Triana by Zach Cole

Shyne Interviews XXL’s EIC, Pt. 1 by Vanessa Satten

Lola Monroe Got Big Things Poppin’ by Rondell Conway


Parenting Ain’t Easy: The 10 Worst Dad Decisions In Sports History by David D.

$60 never went so far by Byron Crawford


Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama by Jane Mayer

How Fox Betrayed Petraeus by Frank Rich

Martin Luther King would have been on Glenn Beck's chalkboard by Ben Dimiero