Friday, July 9, 2010

We're Still Gonna Kill 'Em

" claim to be a player, but I fucked your [mom]."


  1. Lol, Queen James is a chump!

  2. you are kinda being pathetic... you and everybody else. I'm an impartial DC guy and I think everybody pissing on Bron Bron now is going to be bowing down to him after several championships. this happens in every sport (don't tell me "but never like this!!!") and unless you're a cleveland fan then just accept you'll be on his dick soon enough.

  3. I'm not saying this 'cause I'm a die-hard Lakers fan, I'm saying it 'cause it's the truth. I don't see the HEAT winning (laker 3-peat or not). I don't think anybody should be pissin' on lebron, and he'll have his day... but it won't be soon.

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  4. fast forward/ The MVP is still me/ like K.O.B.E/ 1 plus 23's on them rubber bands - The GAME...

    the heat will cool off by the lake-sho-nuff!

  5. Kobe - Shaq = 3 less titles
    Kobe - Gasol = 2 less titles

    Fact is Kobe never did it by himself. He spent 5 seasons as a blatant ball hog on crap teams padding career stats. Not discounting how good he is... but what Lebron is doing now is not too far off from what Kobe needed: a better team. Only difference was that the Lakers front office could actually deliver while Cleveland will never be able to draw the same attention.

    and last time i checked, Shaq in his prime was one of the NBA 50 best of all time. Anyone saying Lebron is selling out by getting with two other stars needs to realize D Wade or Bosh will never be as good as Shaq or Kobe. Clearly he's a leader... otherwise these guys wouldn't be following him. Just don't get the criticism Bron is taking OR people who don't think that Miami will be one of the better teams this year. Lakers needed 7 to beat the Celtics, so it's not like they're that dominate.

    Again... not even a big Bron guy. But still, people need to chill the fuck out