Friday, July 23, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 7/23/2010

"Macbook keyboard" by alcomm

Music Analysis & Reporting:

Halftime Report: The Best Rap Albums and Songs of 2010 (So Far) by Rizoh

Bloggerhouse presents 75 Backpack Bangers (1994-2000) (Dart’s 25)

Bloggerhouse presents 75 Backpack Bangers (1994-2000, Eric’s Picks)

Bloggerhouse presents 75 Backpack Bangers (1994-2000, Trav’s Picks)

Congratulations, Rick Ross: A Nation of Music Critics Loves You Now by Amos Barshad

The Str8 Killa PSA by John Gotty

Talib Kweli and the demise of the conscious rapper by Mychal Smithy

Talib Kweli says he's not 'The Demise of the Conscious Rapper' by Talib Kweli

The new, improved Talib Kweli by Byron Crawford

How Long is Too Long to Wait? by Chris H.

Juggernaut, Wolverine, Rogue and Colossus by Danny Brown

Hip-Hop Is For The Kids by David D.

R&B – Hip Hop’s Better Half by Chris H.

Album of The Week: Poor Righteous Teachers-Holy Intellect 1990 by Jaz

The 25 Greatest Boot Camp Clik Songs Of All Time by Andrew Noz

How To Get Your Mom Into Rap: A Guide to Sharing Elderly Contemporary Hip Hop Music by TAN

Welcome to Death Row by Danj!

The D-O-Double-G by Danj!

Have we been fooled by Curren$y? by Chris H.

How the Looming Specter of Viral Marketing Ruins Rap Songs About Consumer Goods by Willy Staley

Bitter, old music critic goes 2 Pitchfork Festival, pans Panda Bear, questions P4k’s brand by The Alt Report Robot

Last Night: Trae Day At Northwest Mall by Rizoh

Foe tha Love of $ by Byron Crawford

Chart Watch Extra: When Pop Meets Rap by Paul Grein

Double Time and Double Talk by Jeff Weiss

Top 10 Rap Covers By Non-Rap Artists by Rizoh

Beatmakers and Trade Secrets: Shop-Talk Elevates the Beatmaking Art Form and Tradition by Amir Said

Can You Beat The Clock?: How Long It Takes to Develop a Strong Skill for Beatmaking Depends on a Number of Key Factors by Amir Said

NORE's Notable Quotables by Robbie

A Project Where An Artist Works With One Producer? Hmm by Adam Fleischer

I’ve Got The Blues… by Dallas Penn

Chronic samples: The collected source material for Dr. Dre's opus by Jeff Weiss

Chronic summer heat: It’s about that time (like we always do) to revisit Dr. Dre’s summertime joint the Chronic by Jason Keller

Album Reviews:

What’s New In Dart’s iPod #19 AKA Delayed Reaction by Dart Adams

Big Boi - Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty by Zach Cole

Rick Ross - Teflon Don by Jeff Weiss

Rick Ross - Teflon Don by Jayson Greene

Rick Ross - Teflon Don by Edwin Ortiz

Black Sheep - From the Black Pool of Genius by Nicholas Candiotto

Rakaa - Crown of Thorns by Remco Samaun

Paul Wall - Heart of a Champion by Sean Ryon

Godfather Don - Donnie Brasco by Michael Sheehan

Stat Quo - Statlanta by Slava Kuperstein

Trina - Amazin' by TC

Kele - The Boxer by Arika Dean

Wolf Parade - Expo 86 by Brian Hodge

Stars - The Five Ghosts by Marzelle Addy

Kenan Bell - Until the Future by Paul Christiansen

Profiles & Interviews:

Speak Ya Clout: Prince Paul on Montezuma's Revenege Part 1; Part 2 by DJ SORCE-1

Interview With Exile by J to the AAP

Artist Spotlight: Emmanuel Jal by Rizoh

First Interview with LA DJ Kutmah after His Controversial Deportation by Jeff Weiss


How to see a pr0n chick in person for free by Byron Crawford

Sarah Palin compares herself to William Shakespeare by Blue Gal

Gizmodo’s Right: You Should Stalk a Sexy Black Girl on Twitter by Sherri L. Smith


These Are Our Heroes by Joey

Breitbart's Back: The man behind the Shirley Sherrod shakeup by Christopher Beam