Friday, July 16, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 7/16/2010

"Notebooks" by See-ming Lee

Music Analysis & Reporting:

The 75 Greatest Tunnel Bangers by Cipha Sounds

10 Best Rap Albums of 2010 (So Far) by Rizoh

Things I Learned from Diddy at Peter Rosenberg’s “Noisemakers” by Paul J. Cantor

Hood Passes and Left Feet by Jeff Weiss

Ya’ll Need a Time Out by ClassicMaterial

The New Style of Simile is Dope—Idiot by Adam Fleischer

15 Years Of Duck Down: Boot Camp Clik's Cycle Of Greatness by 'DX Staff'

Why Lil Wayne's Grammy 'Album of the Year' Near Win Is Still a Good Thing by Amir Said

Rambling by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Rambling, Cont. by Ta-Nehisi Coates

When Did We First ‘Rock the Mic’? by Ben Zimmer

The Devil Wears Rocawear by Byron Crawford

What Happened To The Tunnel Banger? by Meka

George Clinton, We Want You Back by Harriette Cole

Diplo goes “on record”, calls M.I.A. a lazy, rich, careless human being

The Maturation of Hip Hop by ClassicMaterial

Historic Histrionics by Noz

Bun B, "Let 'Em Know," And Aging In Rap by Dave Bry

I Love The ’90s Pt. II: 1994 Pt. II by Eric

Chico Dusty would be so disappointed by Byron Crawford

Hip-Hop History: Oakland Rap's Early Years by Billy Jam

RIP Bawse by Joey

The Best Bawse That We've Heard Thus Far by Joey

Hip-Hop Word Count: Visualized by TAN

J Cole a.k.a Therapist by HL

Group Therapy, Pt. 2 by DANJ!

M.I.A. Returns, With A Darker, Harder 'Maya' by Oliver Wang

The Lost Age of the Full Album Experience by Adam Fleischer

King of the beach by Byron Crawford

She & Him's M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel pick their musical love letters to California by Todd Martens

Week 38: Waylon Jennings, Nashville Rebel by Nathan Rabin

Album Reviews:

Eminem - Recovery by Craig Jenkins

Capone-N-Noreaga - The War Report 2 by Amanda Bassa

Curren$y - Pilot Talk by Luke Gibson

Black Sheep - From the Black Pool of Genius by Andres Vasquez

Marco Polo - The Stupendous Adventures of Marco Polo by Marcus Moore

Eternia & MoSS - At Last by Fred Castano

Juvenile - Beast Mode by Andres Vasquez

M.I.A. - /\/\/\Y/\ by Matthew Perpetua

M.I.A. - /\/\/\Y/\ by Kathy Iandoli

Kelis - Flesh Tone by Luke Gibson

Viernes - Sinister Devices by Erik Stabile

Profiles & Interviews:

The Self-Made MC: How Freddie Gibbs went from pimp to Pitchfork by Miles Raymer

Everything You Think You Know About Mike Tyson Is Wrong by Ivan Solotaroff

Food for Thought: Conversations with Ice Cube

These Are Our Heroes: Greg Nice by Jake Paine

Old To The New Q&A – NYOIL by Ryan Proctor

RTD Interview: Tamara Ramos by Khal

Grand Daddy I.U. - The Unkut Interview by Robbie

I've Got Rent and Bills to Pay: An Interview with Willie Green by Zach Cole


Philosophy of Beauty: Is Natasha Leggero the Fergie of Comedy? by Tan

Some Universal Truths About Men And Women by Panama Jackson

Great Job, Internet! Digital drugs through headphones, OMG! by Alessandra Calderin

‘Not a word’ is not an argument by Stan Carey


R.I.P. Trouble T-Roy: Family & Friends Still Reminisce 20 Years Later

Harvey Fuqua: The Undersung Legend by Oliver Wang

R.I.P. reggae and dancehall pioneer Sugar Minott by Sean O'Neal

RIP, Vernon J. Baker by T. Rees Shapiro

Harvey Comics by Phil Nugent

Bop City (in Memoriam Harvey Pekar) by Joe Sarno