Friday, June 25, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 6/25/2010

"moleskine" by ::::::chichi::::::

Music Analysis & Reporting:

The Making of OutKast’s Aquemini by Rodney Carmichael

The Nation Of Gods & Earths Celebrates Its Founder With "Show & Prove" Celebration by Ice Pick Slim

The 10 Best Rap Albums of The Half Year by Jeff Weiss

Eric’s Mid-Season Report: Top 10 Albums by Eric

A Mostly Hip Hop Playlist to Listen to While Divorce Blogging by TAN

The Roots Are Doing It Again… by Dallas Penn

Yes, Shyne Still Sucks by David D.

Walk Together, Rock Together: Five Unsung Punk & Hip Hop Encounters by Michael Sheehan

Will Eminem's "Recovery" Bring On the "Death of Schtick"? by TAN

I Love The ’90s Pt. II (1994 Pt. I) by Eric

Poisoning the well: still not the best way to make friends by Byron Crawford

On Life Cycles by TAN

Summer Jamz 2010: Cherry Cokes and White Tees: A Thug Love Collection by Jonathan Bradley

Should Drake dis Beanie Sigel? by Byron Crawford

5-10-15-20: ?uestlove by Ryan Dombal & ?uestlove

Why Popular Bloggers Are Bad For Hip-Hop by Young H

Blog Beef: Popular Bloggers by John Gotty

Hip Hop & The NBA (2 Worlds Collide) by ezient

Drake’s Thank Me Later: The Numbers Are In by Eskay

Eminem Confronts His Inner Demons In 'Recovery' by 'NPR Staff'

2Pac's 'Dear Mama' selected for inclusion in Library of Congress' national recording registry by Jeff Weiss

Music for a Monday: Once Again, Back, It's the...Legendary by Joey

Summer Jamz #1: Son Raw’s Super Disco Rappin Megamix Spectacular! by Sach O

The Bar-Kays: Funky Thangs by Oliver Wang

How Rap Tears Up the Boring Art Vs. Commerce Argument by Dave Bry

J Dilla: Hip Hop’s Abused Martyr by Meka

The Mathers Index: Eminem’s Lyrics By The Numbers by Paul Cantor & David Chang

L.A. Hip-Hop Community Honors Guru, DJ Hideo; Raises Cancer Awareness by Mike Winslow

Album Reviews:

What’s New In Dart’s iPod #17 AKA No Format, No Problem (?) by Dart Adams

Eminem - Recovery by Jeff Weiss

Eminem - Recovery by Omar Burgess

The Roots - How I Got Over by Eric

The Roots - How I Got Over by Max

The Roots - How I Got Over by Nate Patrin

The Roots - How I Got Over by Sach O

The Roots - How I Got Over by Jake Paine

The Roots - How I Got Over by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Drake - Thank Me Later by Paul Cantor

Drake - Thank Me Later by Patrick M.

Black Sheep - From the Black Pool of Genius by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Crooked I - Hood Star by Jake Paine

Nappy Roots - The Pursuit of Nappyness by Pete T.

Guilty Simpson & Madlib - OJ Simpson by Fred Castano

Raekwon - Cocainism, Vol. 2 by Ian Cohen

Reef The Lost Cauze - Fight Music by Justin Boland

John Robinson & Lewis Parker - International Summers by Eric

Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin by Sean Ryon

Lil Jon - Crunk Rock by Slava Kuperstein

Shad - TSOL by Craig Jenkins

Z-Ro - Heroin by Luke Gibson

Gayngs - Relayted by Zach Cole

Melvins - The Bride Screamed Murder by Andrew Martin

Open Mike Eagle - Unapologetic Art Rap by Ali Elabbady

Profiles & Interviews:

The Madlib Mystique: An exclusive interview with underground hip-hop's most elusive producer by Jeff Weiss

Frank Nitt speaks on his new Delicious Vinyl EP and his collaborations with J Dilla, and premieres exclusive MP3 by Jeff Weiss

Prince Po - The Unkut Interview by Robbie

Going Deeper into Lo-Fi: An Interview with Shlohmo by Andrew Martin

Keith Shocklee Discusses ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions…’ by Robbie

The ?’z: 14KT Interview by Eric

Peter Rosenberg Hates That Summer Stench by Vanita Salisbury


Bun B's Groupie Survival Guide: 'You Have To Be Smarter Than Your D*#k' by Keith Murphy & Bun B


The Runaway General by Michael Hastings

The Culture of Exposure by David "WTF?" Brooks

Generally Speaking, Totally Out Of Pocket… by Dallas Penn

Rally addresses neighborhood violence, drugs by Jack Nicas


Wig Owners > Wig Brushers: The Kobe Report… by Dallas Penn

Countdown to ecstasy -- 10 postseason plays that made the Lakers champions by Bill Plaschke

Balling Out With The NBA’s Elite… by Dallas Penn

Happy (Belated) Fathers Day:

Good Night, Sweet Prince… by Dallas Penn

Father’s Day in the Hip Hop World by Travis


Manute Bol's Gigantic Heart by Deron Snyder