Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kobe Bryant: All Together Now

Dedicated to the greatest player of a generation (and possibly ever).

Kobe + 3 Stacks + 5 Rings = Win


  1. LMFAO @ "Dedicated to the greatest player of a generation (and possibly ever)" statement..

    lol, how old are you? Are you high? Kobe is not even the greatest top 5 of all time. He is more like top 15-20... that's some funny shit.

  2. Not even close to greatest ever man..c'mon! He will NEVER be Mike matter what he does. Quit on his squad against Phoenix, gave up a 24 pt lead at HOME against the Celtics and followed that up by getting EMBARRASSED to close out a championship series...that alone = out of the top 5, PERIOD.

    Other than that...the blog is dope, keep it up. (;

  3. Boston is taking the championship this year. Sorry Lakers fans...

  4. ivan! definitely not the g.o.a.t. BUT that video was pretty cool. always good to see old footage of patrick chewing...

  5. Amaechi is the GOAT....