Monday, June 14, 2010

Crookram Takes You 'Through Windows'

Don't you love discovering great music by sheer randomness? Crookram is a downtempo/trip hop producer whose music will blow you away. His latest project, Through Windows, was released in March of this year via Budabeats, an independent net-label based in Crookram's native Hungary. The track that initially caught my eye, "A Man Named Ivan" (go figure), impressed me. After hearing the record in its entirety, I was awestruck. Stacked with a wide array of sample sources, Through Windows shows glimpses of (early) RJD2-esque stylistic diversity with its lush, atmospheric soundscapes. As instrumental LPs go, Through Windows is top notch. Best of all, Crookram and Budabeats have made it available for free under the Creative Commons license. Preview "Breakadawn", "A Man Named Ivan" and my new favorite "I Saw You" below and download the album if you like what you hear:

MP3: Crookram - "Breakadawn"
MP3: Crookram - "A Man Named Ivan"
MP3: Crookram - "I Saw You"

DOWNLOAD: Crookram - Through Windows

WEBSITE: Crookram