Friday, May 21, 2010

Rap Round Table, Week Ending 5/21/2010

Washed away in a tide of SEO-grabbing blog posts, there's actually quite a bit of interesting, entertaining, valuable, and just plain good writing out there... if you look for it. Call me a dreamer, but wouldn't it be great if there was a hip hop magazine that somehow managed to stay in print and keep the following writers on payroll? If only... 'til then we've got the Rap Round Table, a new feature that aims to highlight the week in writing. Enjoy:

Music Analysis & Reporting:

MusicStudy: Gamble & Huff by Amir Said (a.k.a. Sa'id)

Once The Face Got Revealed The Game Got Real © Ghostface Killah by Dart Adams

Rappers of the Decade: Ghostface Killah - Original Stylin by Abe Beame

War Report II: The new Cuban Linx II? by Bryon Crawford

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted is 20 today so of course I had to write a love letter to it by Logan

Judge Denies Trae's Injunction Request Against The Box by Rizoh

Peedi Crakk Says Jay-Z Stole Young Chris’ Whisper Flow by Elan Mancini & Kevin Clark

A failed business, man by Bryon Crawford

The Live Show Is Not Dead by Meka

I'll Be Bach: A computer program is writing great, original works of classical music. Will human composers soon be obsolete? by Chris Wilson

The Myth of Falling Fidelity, and Audio History Unburdened by Fact by Peter Kirn

When Consumers Suddenly Become Professional Musicians; Best Buy and Soulja Boy Poised to Boost Profile of Beatmaking by Amir Said (a.k.a. Sa'id)

Another year, another chorus of bitchfits by Byron Crawford

Moving Keys by Oliver Wang

Moving Keys: DJ Premier by Oliver Wang

Analyze Dis: Is Nas Getting at Jay-Z on “Friends”? by Rizoh

Why is Nas so fascinated with Africa? by Byron Crawford

Album Reviews:

What’s New In Dart’s iPod #15 AKA Late Like The Kanye Song by Dart Adams

The Beat Generation: Roc Marciano — He Rhymes, Y’all Boring by Zilla Rocca

Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid by Matthew Perpetua

Roc Marciano - Marcberg by Sean Ryon

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma by Brandon Rae

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma by William E. Ketchum III

Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives by Jeff Weiss

Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives by Tom Breihan

Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives by Andres Tardio

Guilty Simpson & Madlib - OJ Simpson by Daniel Levin Becker

Guilty Simpson & Madlib - OJ Simpson by Ian Cohen

Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) - Revolutions Per Minute by Kathy Iandoli

Scarface - Dopeman Music by Jayson Greene

9th Prince - Revenge of the 9th Prince by Luke Gibson

The Black Keys - Brothers by Larry Fitzmaurice

Profiles & Interviews:

The Cover Story: J. Cole - "[The Girls] Scream And Go Crazy Like I'm Drake" by Tray Hova

Lucy’Lo of 84.85 Interview; Pt. 2; Wrap Up by Chase March

Big K.R.I.T. Is Here by John Gotty

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Reflection Eternal by TC

Inside the Lyricist’s Studio With Tila Tequila by David D.

Meet 'Renaldo,' Solar's Self-Proclaimed Hacker by Tray Hova

R.I.P. Dolla: My Brother’s Keeper [Scrapp Deleon] by Starrene Rhett

Flying Lotus Rising by Chris Martins

Diego Bernal – Besides (Download and Insight) by Travis


I Feel It in the Water, I Feel It in the Earth, I Smell It in the Air by Joey

The Undeniable Greatness of Rajon Rondo by Charles P. Pierce


On Rap Blogging and Music Leaks by Eskay

Hip-Hop Blogs and the World Premier Horse Race by knobbzXL

Blog Science: Rafi, Khal and Reyn by Justin Boland

Rafi Kam on “OkayPlayer x Advertising x Community” by M.Dot

Look at Me! A writer’s search for journalism in the age of branding by Maureen Tkacik

Not to be outdone, Jay Smooth caps things off with the political story of the week: