Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kat o' Nine Months

Apart from the hilarious Its the Real video I embedded on the sidebar a couple weeks back, I haven't really touched on the phenomenon that is Kat Stacks. For starters, I usually don't get into SEO grabbing, media whore b.s. like "whose chain got stolen" or "which rapper's headed to jail next". But the story of Kat Stacks intrigues me if not just for the comedic value she offers on a regular basis -- you shoulda seen her going at it with Joe Budden on Twitter recently -- but for what it says about our culture. Honestly, I put this girl on a similar pedestal to Lindsay Lohan, etc. Their actions are worthy of disapproval, no doubt. But at the same time, I feel a great deal of sympathy/pity for these women. Keeping it one hunnid, they live a shameless life of semen disposal. No more, no less. Am I lying? Uch. I watched that video of Kat Stacks, pissed drunk, being berated by a couple of guys. Most WSHH comments took jabs at ol' girl. I felt horrible watching that shit. This woman may not be cognizant of it, but she's clearly crying out for help. The fact that her train wreck of a life is cause for entertainment is pretty sad, and justifies the Shirley Jackson-influenced South Park episode that poked fun at people who poke fun at celebrities like Britney Spears, etc. But the show must go on, I suppose, and this post is about to take a definitively political slant.

Kat Stacks has announced that she's pregnant. On Twitter. She stated who she thought the father was, then redacted it and came up with a new rapper's name. Now if you've been following the Kat Stacks odyssey -- which I haven't, but still have a general understanding of what's up -- then you'd know that she's fucked half the rap industry. So anybody could be the father. In fact I'd venture to guess that there are a few people with the first name "Any" and last name "Body" that may be the father. That's how many guys she's f'rucked. My question is this: At what point do opponents of abortion give in and say "ah, fuck it - go ahead and flush that fetus outta there, Kat"? Seriously, I want to know. The saddest part of it all is that you know she's not gonna get an abortion. She's gonna exploit this baby 'til kingdom come. How do conservatives feel about that? Again, I seriously want to know. I'm not a proponent of abortion because I wake up, on some Bill Kilgore shit, saying I love the smell of dead babies in the morning. But really, what kind of life is this for a kid?

At first this was all just a funny internet meme that was admittedly starting to get pretty old pretty quickly. But now a kid might be involved. I dunno... I say it's a crying shame. Honestly...