Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jay-Z & Ritchcraft - The Big Band Blueprint

Jazz heads and Jigga fans unite! Nova Scotian beatmaker Ritchcraft has brought together the best of both worlds in this jazz-hop blends tape titled The Big Band Blueprint, taking Jay-Z acapellas and laying them over big band jazz-sampling beats. Hov has never sounded so hep. Check it:
Halifax producer Ritchcraft, has recently compiled a mixtape featuring the smooth jazz samples from the big band era accompanied by the infectious flow from Jay-Z’ rap classic The Blueprint. The mixtape is titled The Big Band Blueprint, is hosted by Nico Roth, 4 Plae, and Fresh Kut Ave and features 13 tracks, including revamped classics like H to the Izzo & Heart of the City.

Ritchcraft has been involved in the East Coast music scene for close to 5 years. His production credits include working with local MC’s Quake & Kayo, along with a handful of others. His skill lies in his ability to create genre-bending tracks that separate him from his competition. Ritchcraft’s musical influences range from funk to disco to classic rock, there isn’t a style of music that this producer does not borrow from.

The tape is a combination of production genius and hip-hop history, Jay-Z’ vocals float over the elegant sounds & swing of the early 1930’s. Ritchcraft does a great job of capturing the essence of the big band, all while adding his own flair. This tape is a must have for anyone who claims to be a Jay-Z fan.
<a href="">Intro (Feat. Sylvia Usher) by Ritchcraft</a>

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