Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gang Starr - For the DJs: Clean Cuts Only

Original Artwork Here

Anybody who calls themselves a hip hop DJ must be spinning some Gang Starr right now and in the next few days (and weeks, months, years). To help out, I've compiled my personal collection of clean edit tracks by the legendary duo: 40 in total. Many of these songs are hit singles, some are b-sides, all of them are must-haves. The great thing about clean, Premo-produced tracks is that many of the scratched edits are entertaining in and of themselves. You'll hear what I'm saying soon enough. All songs are sorted by the year they were first released (either as singles or album cuts). Bottom line: I hope these tracks will be played to carry on the tradition and memory of Keith Elam, a.k.a. Guru. Make me proud, DJs. Turn it up!!